Mongolian Chefs Association
Mongolian Chefs Association

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Mongolian Chefs Association is the first non-Governmental and largest professional organization of Mongolia, established in 1993. We are made up of more than 10,000 members belonging to the 35 branches and has 30 associate members across the country.

To leverage and represent local culinary and foodservice community in the global professional network and contribute to the sustainable development and inclusive growth of the industry.

To support the development of chefs and to empower members; Through education, encouragement and representation, in a conducive environment; To enable continuous improvement, professional opportunities and advancement.

Mongolian Chefs Association provides educational programs, practical training to all levels of chefs and cooks and engaging continuous academic research and study. Therefore, we operate Mongolian Senior Cooks Academy.

To set the national standard and to upgrade it to global level is one of our social responsibilities. Thus, we run MONGOLIAN CHEFS COMPETITION every year. In this year, the competition “ULAANBAATAR CUP – 2022” had been organized successfully for 39th year.
We always aim to provide a gateway to global culinary networking opportunities to our community. With this priority, we host GENGHIS KHAN’S CHALLENGE CUP and welcome all our global culinary friends.

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