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Train at a demi cook at World Class Dining Spot with a great team!

ALX Gastropub


Train at a demi cook at World Class Dining Spot with a great team!

Job Description

California Restaurant is seeking your culinary skills! Rotate throughout the kitchen from Garde Manger, Pastry, Saute and Grill station! 

On your days off take in the sights of San Francisco! Drie across the Golden Gate Bridge, or walk around Fisherman's Wharf. There's so much more to do so don't miss out and apply now! 

We will provide a work shirts, aprons, and hat. He will have to bring his own shoes and black pants. He must bring his own knives/tools. However he must be responsible for his own tools and make sure he is taking care of them. A meal for the entire staff is provided everyday; 1 hour before service starts. Cooked by members of the kitchen, he will need to participate in preparation of staff meal on various days. Hourly employees are scheduled with two days off a week and acquire sick pay based on hours worked, but do not acquire vacation time in this company.

No housing is provided. This must be secured before you fly to the USA.


Job type
Graduate program
Silver Terrace, San Francisco, CA, United States
Bakery, Pastry, F&B-Kitchen
Starting in
As soon as possible
Contract duration
12 months
Pay range
16.50/hr based on 40 hours a week

HRC International

HRC international is an international training and career development company for the hospitality industry that has been providing qualified Rooms Division, Food and Beverage and Culinary talents at full service hotels since 1995.

We are in the global business of connecting the best possible employers with the best possible employees. We achieve this by establishing long-lasting relationships and never putting profits before people. In doing so, we rank among the world’s leaders in international hospitality training and career development.

Our portfolio includes well known international brands, 4 and 5 * luxury hotels and (Michelin) fine dining restaurants.

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