Front Office Trainee - Finca Serena 5*
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Front Office Trainee - Finca Serena 5*

Finca Serena Mallorca 5*



Front Office Trainee - Finca Serena 5*

About the job

A team committed to offering the best experience to each client. Hotels full of personality in extraordinary locations. A careful elegant decoration without being sophisticated. The passion for a gastronomy committed to the landscape, with the origin, the technique, and the product. And a holistic vision of luxury that goes beyond an attentive attention to detail and seeks to offer our customers an authentic proposal that takes care of music, lighting, well-being, and commitment to the environment. You will find us in excellent hotels in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, and the Costa Brava.

We are a young team composed of almost 300 people (48% women/52% men), we focus on commitment, recruitment, culture, responsibility, and training, we are committed to being a workplace where everyone can grow.
We like what we do. We are excited every day to offer each customer an excellent experience. Unique. We promote a genuine passion in those who make up our team, so that they seek to satisfy our customers.
Working in an environment of respect, where contributions are recognized and workspaces and facilities are taken care of is not an objective, it is the necessary condition for quality to be authentic.
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FINCA SERENA: Complete peace and quiet in this hidden Mallorcan treasure
The beauty of the imperfect in 25 rooms surrounded by nature, calm and serenity. All the rooms and suites in our finca hotel in Mallorca boast an elegant and timeless decor that invites you to relax and enjoy the lush Mediterranean landscape of our estate. Each room and suite feature large windows or balconies that flood the space with light, carefully selected materials and all the luxury details and services to enjoy a calming and relaxing experience.

At Finca Serena, we are committed to redefining the art of hospitality. As a Front Office Trainee, your mission is to embark on an exciting journey where you will become the face of our establishment, delivering impeccable service, and creating unforgettable moments for our guests.

Its main responsibilities will be the following:
1. Warm Guest Reception:
• Provide a warm and personalized welcome to all arriving guests, ensuring a memorable first impression.
2. Efficient Front Desk Operations:
• Handle check-ins, check-outs, reservations, and guest inquiries efficiently and accurately.
3. Guest Assistance and Concierge Services:
• Assist guests with a wide range of needs, including recommendations, transportation, and arranging special requests.
4. Personalized Guest Experience:
• Tailor each guest's experience by actively listening to their preferences and ensuring their unique needs are met.
5. Problem Resolution:
• Address guest concerns and challenges promptly and effectively, maintaining a calm and solution-oriented approach.
6. Upselling and Revenue Generation:
• Promote and upsell boutique hotel offerings, including room upgrades, special services, and amenities, to enhance guest experiences and maximize revenue.
7. Safety and Security Management:
• Ensure the safety and security of guests and the property by following established protocols and maintaining vigilance.
8. Brand Ambassadorship:
• Embody the boutique hotel's brand values, culture, and spirit in all interactions, leaving a lasting impression and fostering a sense of connection with guests.
  • Number of positions: 2
  • 400€ net/month
  • Accomodation included
  • WHAT WILL YOU FIND WITH ÚNICO HOTELS? Embarking on a journey with us means more than just an internship – it's a gateway to a world of opportunities and growth. Our Internship Program encompasses a range of incredible advantages that set the stage for your professional development: • Internship Contract: Our commitment to your learning journey starts with a comprehensive internship contract. This tailored agreement outlines your role, responsibilities, and the exciting projects you'll be a part of. • Economic Benefits: We value your dedication, and as a token of appreciation, we provide attractive economic benefits. From stipends to performance-based bonuses, we ensure you're rewarded for your hard work. • Shared Accommodation: Embrace a sense of community as you enjoy shared accommodation with fellow interns. Living and learning together, you'll forge bonds that extend beyond the workplace. • One Meal per Shift: Your energy matters. That's why we provide you with a nourishing meal per shift, so you're fuelled to excel in your tasks and contribute effectively. • Excellent Work Environment and Teamwork: Join a dynamic work environment where collaboration thrives. Experience firsthand the synergy of teamwork, where your ideas and contributions are valued from day one. • Major Continuing Training Projects: Learning never stops here. Engage in substantial, ongoing training projects that amplify your skills and expertise, paving the way for a successful career. • Possibility of Growth in the Company: Your potential is limitless. As an intern, you're not just here to observe – you're here to shine. Seize the opportunity to grow within the company and lay the foundation for an exciting future. • We believe in nurturing talent and paving the way for remarkable journeys. Join us, and let's create a path to success together.
  • Department: Guest Relations Reception

About you

• University student or recent graduate in tourism, hospitality, or related areas.
• Passion for excellence and luxury.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Spanish and English.
• Ability to work in a team and collaborate with other departments.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and under pressure.
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office and hotel management systems is a plus.
• Good personal presentation and attention to detail.
  • Language required: English. German and Spanish are a plus

The company

Our purpose is to provide excellent service to our customers in exceptional hotels in destinations such as Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Costa Brava, and Buenos Aires.
We take care of our customers, our team, our hotels, the community, and the planet. This vision deserves to be real, every day and in every case.
We believe that luxury should be understood as a combination of new experiences, the value of authenticity and the pleasure of simplicity. All this enhanced by sophistication, style, seduction, and warmth. UNIQUE means unrepeatable; That is why we offer our customers an incomparable experience, the entrance to a world made to measure and in which everyone is different and special. Because this is the true meaning of luxury in contemporary hospitality.

We are passionate about what we do, and we are aware that results are obtained through the actions we repeat daily. That is why each person on our team is committed to cultivating an attitude of care and dedication.
We encourage our teams to reap this attitude and sow it in all aspects of their day-to-day lives. Providing an equitable, fair, sustainable, ethical, and safe environment where they can develop their skills and grow. A continuous effort to maintain equal opportunities in all its aspects, and freedom for and among all members of our team.

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Front Office Trainee - Finca Serena 5*

Palma, Spain

Internship, 6 months

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