Teaching Chefs
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Teaching Chefs

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Teaching Chefs

About the job

LE CORDON BLEU is actively recruiting talented chefs for teaching positions amongst its 37 campuses throughout its network in 20 countries.
- 10years+ experience;
- Master or advanced/specialised qualifications;
- Passionate, extravert individuals with a love of sharing knowledge;
Only serious applications please send your CVs and motivation letter to careers@cordonbleu.edu

About you

  • Language required: English.

The company

Even though the school was initially aimed at future housewives or heads-of-households when it opened at the end of the 19th century in Paris, the philosophy was the same then as it is now, and as evident when one looks at Le Cordon Bleu throughout its history. Right from the very beginning, the school focused on academic innovation taking into account in its academic programmes, the changes which have never ceased to have an impact on cuisine and the Culinary Arts. These changes have included the evolution of ingredients, techniques and kitchen equipment and the social advancement of chefs and their visibility in the media.

Le Cordon Bleu has demonstrated since its inception an appreciation of other countries and cultures by welcoming international students to its birthplace, Paris. In order to showcase French culture around the world, the institute has spread its wings beyond France. French culinary techniques are always taught, no matter where Le Cordon Bleu Institute is located in the world, and students are also given the opportunity to highlight their own country’s culinary heritage.

Le Cordon Bleu is the leading employer of French Chef Instructors in the world, dedicated to transmitting expertise and contributing to the development of French gastronomy and culture. Every year, our Chef Instructors take part in more than one hundred events and gala dinners throughout the world, increasing the prestige and recognition of our institution. Le Cordon Bleu is not only an ardent supporter of widening the reach of French Culinary Art but also dedicates itself to local cuisines, its chefs, ingredients and flavours by showcasing its culinary heritage.

Le Cordon Bleu has close links with major national and international media who frequently call upon our chefs and students to appear on their programmes and in their magazines and newspapers. Our institution is open to television stations around the world and the international geographical location of our network provides numerous media opportunities to film culturally diverse and varied reports and documentaries.

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Teaching Chefs

Paris, France

Full-time, More than 1 year

Start Date:As soon as possible