Spa Attendant
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Spa Attendant

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Spa Attendant

À propos du poste

Job Title: Spa Attendant 

Department: Spa 

Reports to: Spa Head Receptionist 

Scope and purpose of the position: The Spa Attendant ensures the maintenance of the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness within the Spa and assists guests in all areas of the Spa. The Spa Attendant works with every other Spa team member and ensures that the guest experience is of the highest quality from arrival to departure. 

Main Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure the Spa facilities are properly open in the morning and closed down and all procedures followed.  

  • Set-up and maintain all spa facilities including the hydrotherapy zone, refreshment areas, locker rooms, fitness rooms, pre and post-treatment lounges and any other location as indicated by the Spa Management. 

  • Maintain cleanliness, set-ups and spa standards in the locker rooms, work out areas, tennis and other assigned Spa areas. Ensure all decorations within the Spa always look fresh and to standard. 

  • Ensure the hydrotherapy zone and pools meet health, safety and hygiene requirements through accurate cleaning and chemical treatments. Monitor water quality and report any unacceptable variance to the Spa management or Engineering department, as appropriate.  

  • Report equipment malfunctions promptly and accurately. Work closely with the Engineering department to administer preventative maintenance procedures and to limit equipment down time by ensuring proper care and use. 

  • Issue, stock and order towels, robes, swimsuits, toiletries, juices, fruits and other items or amenities needed in the areas to provide guests with a level of service in keeping with standards.  

  • Keep the linen and inventory room well organized and tidy. 

  • Retrieve and fold bath towels, cold and warm towels and other Spa linen as required by Spa management.  

  • Collect all soiled linen and terry from hampers and floors and deliver to laundry. 

  • Retrieve, deliver, and store/set-up operations products. 

  • Clean and stock waiting area as well as back and preparation rooms. 

  • Assist other team members with set-up and breakdown of their respective treatment areas. 

  • Coordinate duties between 2 attendant shifts so that the Spa always looks immaculate. 

  • Supplement heavy cleaning performed by Housekeeping by touching up sinks, counters, floors, showers, bath tubs, steam rooms and other areas as necessary. 

  • Take reasonable care to perform duties as instructed, and to prevent injuries to self and others. 

  • Handle lost and found items, locker keys and keep them inventoried. 

  • Handle all guest interactions with the highest level of hospitality and professionalism, accommodating special requests whenever possible; report guests’ complaints; assist in all inquiries in connection with spa services. 

  • Comply with all Four Seasons’ policies and procedures, follow proper pay roll and procedures. 

  • Receive and deliver information promptly and accurately.  

  • Work harmoniously and professionally with co-workers and supervisors, work as part of a team to ensure effective running of the Spa department. 

  • Serve food and beverages to customers such as juices, fruits, tea, water etc. 

Standard Duties: 

  • Display Standard awareness, set example for standard execution, testing and implementation. 

  • Read and ensure understanding of the hotel's employee handbook and the hotel's rules and regulations and in particular, the policies and procedures relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.  

  • Adhere to the code of conduct, grooming and hygiene standards. 

  • Undertake other duties and responsibilities which, while outside the normal routine, are within the overall scope of the position. 

  • Report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform/attire and name tag.  Maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene and adhere to the hotel and department personal appearance standards.   

  • Provide a friendly, courteous and professional service at all times; Provide information and guidance to hotel and Spa guests as requested, giving them an orientation and be familiar with the services and hours of operations.   

  • Display warmth, care and genuine enthusiasm when dealing with guests and maintain good working relationships, living The Golden Rule. 

  • Respond to any changes in the department as dictated by the needs of the industry, company or hotel. 

  • Flexible and extend job duties to carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the job capability as assigned, including redeployment to alternative departments/areas if required, to meet business demands and guest service needs. 

  • Attend training and meetings as and when required. 

  • Provide a friendly and professional service that exceeds guest’s expectations. 

  • Identify and report hazards; report any safety maintenance of equipment required. 

  • Respond properly in any Hotel emergency or safety situation. 


Spa Attendant

Athens, Grèce

Temps plein, Indéfini

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