Supervisor - Bar
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Supervisor - Bar

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Supervisor - Bar

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The Four Seasons Hotel Dalian is looking for talent who shares a passion for excellence and who infuse enthusiasm into everything they do.
大连四季正在寻找你 - 对工作具有极大的热情,热爱你所从事的职业。

We hire motivated people who we train to perform superbly, while we create an environment where they can flourish. Ultimately, our culture breeds success, and rewards it in many different ways. We encourage and expect all of our employees to behave consistently in a manner which demonstrates:
我们聘用勤奋上进的人才作培训,在一个能令他们尽展所长的工作环境下, 让他们发挥出类拔萃的工作表现。我们的企业文化孕育了成功的事业,并给予多方面的回报。我们希望我们的同事能够:
Commitment to supportive teamwork and open communication

Responsibility for ongoing enhancement of their skills and performance

Recognition of personal accountability for their own actions and the outcomes of those actions

An understanding of the effect of their behavior on our guests, their fellow employees and the reputation of the Company

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We demonstrate our beliefs most meaningfully in the way we treat each other and by the example we set for one another. In all our interactions with our colleagues, we seek to deal with others as we would have them deal with us."
Four Seasons Hotel Dalian provides employees with the same level of care that we expect to be shared with our guests. We have been ranked in FORTUNE Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to work for since 1998.
我们的信念,首重于如何互相对待,彼此树立榜样, 在与宾客,商业伙伴和同事间的交往之中,我们致力寻求互相沟通谅解的方式,也希望能夠得到别人同样的对待
四季酒店向员工提供和客人一样的关怀,四季酒店从 1998 年起。获“财富”杂志评为一百家最理想的工作机构之一。

Key Responsibilities 主要工作职责

1. Direct staff and serve guest needs by providing high service standards to ensure guest satisfaction.
2. Co-operate with other Supervisors to finish daily operation and fill-in daily check list.
3. Strictly follow core standards and supervise staff the implementation. Co-operate manager to finish all staff’s core standard test.
1. 与其他员工协作,并指导员工提供高标准的服务来确保客人满意。
2. 与其他主管合作完成每日运营并填写每日检查清单。
3. 严格遵循核心标准,示范并且监督员工对核心标准的实施。与经理合作完成对所有员工的核心标准测试。

Preferred Skill and Qualification 任职要求

1. College or equivalent education.
2. Minimum two years food service or related work.
3. Requires ability to operate computer equipment and other food & beverage computer systems.
4. Requires reading and oral English.



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  • Département: Bar

Supervisor - Bar

Dalian, Chine

Temps plein, Indéfini

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