Membership Manager - Soho Beach House
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Membership Manager - Soho Beach House

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Membership Manager - Soho Beach House

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The Role…

At Soho House the Membership Manager is responsible for directly supervising and organizing the meetings, processes and initiatives required to generate, maintain and grow the Clubs carefully chosen membership base. Being the face of the club for members, on hand for their feedback and thoughts, as well as a custodian presiding over access to the club, preserving club rules and conduct. Personally, driving and maintaining the productivity of the membership committee and taking an active role in members’ events and benefits. Oversees membership department and staff, supports Membership Director. Supports management team as needed.

Main Duties…

  • Play a central role, with guidance from the Head of Membership in the maintenance and management of a strong diverse membership committee, spread across all the major creative industries, and from different parts of the city and beyond.
  • Schedule, organize and chair committee meetings approximately every 3 months throughout the year, to consider, discuss and review all new member applications as a group, endeavouring to accept sufficient numbers of suitable new members to hit budget targets. In addition, gather feedback, both good and bad, about club developments, levels of service, facilities and member perceptions.
  • Ensure committee members are productive in generating fitting new member applications through regular contact, reminders to submit forms the week before meetings and recurrent attendance to endorse submissions. Manage poor performance through conversations and refresh weak committee members when necessary.
  • Liaise when necessary to resolve any issues with cards, payments or applicant paperwork.
  • Pay close attention to any resignations by members, making notes as to the reason(s) and making contact directly as and when appropriate.
  • Maintain a constant presence in the club, being the ‘face’ of the house to members. Ensure you meet all new members where possible, explaining your role and allowing them to contact you if they choose.
  • Play an active part in the creation and implementation of the members events program, helping to ensure sure that events are well planned and communicated. Make sure members can host or help with events (where applicable) as well as suggest new event formats.
  • Work with members to ensure they understand the club rules, especially those about drug use in the club and when necessary dispense warnings (and in more serious cases, suspensions and membership termination) for major contraventions and disrespectful or rude behaviour towards staff.
  • More broadly, set up a process whereby club staff keep a note of members behaving inappropriately and/or bringing guests in to the club that are undesirable or don’t fit the Soho House ethos on a regular basis. Consider at renewal time whether these members are an asset to the business or should be excised via ‘housekeeping.’
  • Engage in the local creative and club scenes, events, parties, launches and social settings, developing contacts, networking and building awareness about the club, its facilities, your role, and how new contacts might join.
  • Educate the Soho House management and staff about how to generate applications from potential new members and identify new committee members. Ensure their suggestions are processed through the committee meetings
  • Contribute to Membership acquisition targets


  • A long-term city resident with extensive knowledge of the local area. Knowledge of local politics and has a personal network of contacts in different industries including but limited to; film, television, music, media and culinary, etc..
  • Flexible schedule including weekends, holidays as well as the ability to travel and attend various social functions in the New York area.
  • A sophisticated communicator with high standards of performance together with excellent communication, problem solving and listening skills.
  • A charismatic, confident creative individual with in depth knowledge of local market place.
  • Experience with dealing with celebrities and high-profile events.
  • Ability to work effectively under time constraints and deadlines.
  • Ability to create strong relationships with guests, members, and staff.


Soho House offers competitive compensation packages that feature global benefits and perks. Whether you’re seeking entry-level employment or a new opportunity to expand your profession, we offer training to develop the technical and managerial skills necessary to grow your career.

  • Health Care + 401K: Full time employees are eligible for full benefits; Medical, Dental & Vision as well as Retirement fund with a 2% match
  • Paid Time Off: Full- Time Employees have sick day's + vacation days
  • Career Development: Soho House can progress your career domestically or internationally as well as managerially or technically
  • Soho Impact: Empowering the Soho House Community to make positive change, through mentoring, apprenticeship, local outreach and sustainability
  • Learning & Development: An extensive range of internally and externally run courses are available for all employees.
  • Cookhouse & House Tonic: Celebrating our passion for food and drink. Check out our monthly calendars and get involved in trips, training's and events. Available to all.
  • Team Events: From fitness sessions to cinema screenings and art classes, each month we hold a series of fun events which you can sign up to


Soho House & Co was founded in London, in 1995, as a private members’ club for those in film, media and creative industries. We have since expanded to include Houses across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, spas, workspaces and hotels.

Soho House is a place for our diverse membership to connect, grow, have fun, and make an impact. From the beginning, and throughout our 25-year history, our members have always been at the heart of everything we do

We are a collection of members' clubs, restaurants, hotels, workspaces and cinemas, catering to those in the film, media, fashion and creative industries. The company has unique ventures throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, with new openings planned globally. Soho House is a space for its diverse membership and teams to connect, grow, have fun and make an impact.

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Membership Manager - Soho Beach House

Miami Beach, FL, États-Unis

Temps plein, Indéfini

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