Allround Hospitality - Internship in The Netherlands
Ce poste vient d'être pourvu, mais il y a plus de Restauration service offres d'emploi
Allround Hospitality - Internship in The Netherlands

The Orange Academy B.V.



Allround Hospitality - Internship in The Netherlands

À propos du poste

Are you looking for new opportunity and do you want to enter the Dutch hospitality labor market? The Free Educational Program of the Orange Academy B.V. is the right option for you.

You will get the chance to grow as a Front Office and Food & Beverage Manager through an internship in a Dutch Restaurant/Hotel without any cost.

At the end you will get a Graduation for the Full Professional Certificate plus a contract as from a Dutch Restaurant/Hotel.
  • Nombre de postes: 10
  • Weekly internship compensation
  • Free accommodation
  • What will you get: - Internship of 1360 hours (8,5/9 months) in Hotel or Restaurant in the Netherlands, planned according to the Dutch law - Free Continental Allround Hospitality Course at HRC Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria - Free housing during the entire period - Internship weekly compensation directly on your bank account - Covered travel expenses and arriving pick-up at the Airport in The Netherlands - Free working clothes - Free online Emergency Course - Covid-19 test reimbursement (if necessary) After graduation if your attitude is good you will get the contract in The Netherlands.
  • Département: Restauration service Relations client Bar Hôte/Hôtesse Réception

À propos de vous

- 18+ years old
- European citizenship
- Be able to speak, read and understand basic English
- High School Original Diploma
- Ability to follow standardized recipes and plate presentation
- Good communication and motivation
- Must possess a strong team spirit
  • Langue requise: Anglais.


The Orange Academy Coach & Guides candidates for jobs in organizations operating in the Netherlands. We focus on European Union candidates, who will be trained to do an internship in a Dutch company. Most likely, this will result in a job offer.
The Orange Academy guides within the EU because the personnel shortages in The Netherlands are of such a nature and size that there is insufficient supply to solve this shortage. The Orange Academy collaborates with a number of renowned schools in the EU to help candidates to create an optimal fit with the competencies needed on the Dutch labour market.

The Orange Academy guides, coaches and facilitates the candidates to support their social landing and make them feel at home.

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Allround Hospitality - Internship in The Netherlands

Rome, Italie

Formation, 8 mois

Date de début du contrat:Dès que possible

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