Kitchen Commis - Two stars Michelin
Ce poste vient d'être pourvu, mais il y a plus de Restauration cuisine offres d'emploi
Kitchen Commis - Two stars Michelin

Vila Joya



Kitchen Commis - Two stars Michelin

À propos du poste

Main tasks of the Commis position
1. Keeping the kitchen clean
When you're a commis, one of your core duties is to keep the kitchen clean. You tidy up after other chefs and keep your section clean. You focus on maintaining food hygiene and health and safety standards in the kitchen at all times. This reduces the chance of food becoming contaminated, which can lead to food poisoning and sickness among customers and have a devastating impact on the business. It also reduces the risk of slips and falls among the kitchen staff.
2. Preparing and cooking food
Another key duty of a commis is to prepare and cook the food. While you don't invent recipes, you follow the chef de parties' instructions and perform various food-related tasks. This might involve peeling and dicing vegetables, marinating meats and cooking various components of dishes. It provides a wonderful opportunity to hone your skills, as you learn culinary tips and tricks at the various sections you maintain.
3. Measuring ingredients
Commis measure the ingredients required at their sections and often arrive early to do this. Doing it well ensures the other chefs have all the necessary ingredients to create their dishes. This work provides valuable insight into the various components of different meals, which is essential learning for future head chefs.
4. Rotating stock
Another commis duty is controlling and rotating stock. To do this effectively, it's important to know exactly what ingredients are available in the kitchen and their expiration date. Regular stock rotation reduces the chance that food will go to waste and ensures ingredients are in the best condition when they're needed for use.
5. Helping with deliveries
Commis help with stock deliveries. This may involve early starts, as you might have to receive deliveries. There's a place for everything in a professional kitchen, so you unpack the stock carefully and put every item where it should be. This task helps you understand how a commercial kitchen operates, what items the kitchen needs on a daily or weekly, and which items are more seasonal. It also provides insight into the business side of the kitchen.

À propos de vous

• Proficient in English, German would be a plus
• Understanding of various cooking methods, ingredients, equipment and procedures
• Accuracy and speed in handling emergency situations and providing solutions
• Communication
• Teamwork Oriented
• Maintains a Good Energy Level
• Thorough and Organized
• Professional
• Punctual
  • Langue requise: Anglais. Allemand et Portugais sont un plus


Vila Joya – Feels like Home, tastes like Paradise!

Vila Joya is located above the Atlantic and is surrounded by an evergreen garden with direct access to the sea. With its 13 rooms and 9 suites, a two Michelin star gourmet restaurant and 350m2 spa and fitness area, this Moorish style building - formerly the private summer residence of the German Jung family - is now one of the most beautiful privately-run boutique resorts in Europe.

The terrace with views across the garden and towards the Atlantic forms the heart of Vila Joya and as such is the hub and focal point for all culinary delights. From breakfast to dinner, the terrace is the place where guests come together. At lunch- and dinnertime, the terrace is transformed into a two Michelin star restaurant headed by the patron Dieter Koschina. The Austrian chef has been working at Vila Joya for more than 28 years and secured his first Michelin star in 1995 and his second in 1999. Chef Koschina is an essential part of the gem which is Vila Joya – and he is also one of Portugal’s highly decorated chefs.

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Kitchen Commis - Two stars Michelin

Albufeira, Portugal

Temps plein, 10 mois

Date de début du contrat:Dès que possible

Date d'entrée en fonction (au plus tard):

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