Luxury Culinary Internship in West Virginia
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Luxury Culinary Internship in West Virginia

Adventures on the Gorge



Luxury Culinary Internship in West Virginia

Cosa comprende il lavoro

Description of the Host Property:
Experience Quiet Season in a cozy cabin located just steps from the New River Gorge, Adventures on the Gorge. Revel in the beauty of “Almost Heaven” while enjoying a hike, a winter zipline trip, or the peace that comes with spending time in the mountains of West Virginia. It offers customized gathering spaces that’ll take your retreat to new heights and a wide variety of activities with limitless fun for adventurers of all ages!

Description of the Training:
Step into the kitchen of a world-leading luxury hotel/resort and learn from the best chefs in the American hospitality industry at the Adventures on the Gorge. Through the J-1 hospitality internship or traineeship program, you will rotate to different stations, acquiring the skills and techniques necessary to take the culinary world by storm.
This rotational program is designed to give you exposure to the international hospitality industry and give you the experience needed to excel in your career when you return to your home country.

ITN & ODYSSEY's All-Inclusive Program:
Unlike most J-1 Program providers, a regional ITN representative will guide you through a streamlined registration process, thanks to ITN and ODYSSEY’s all-inclusive approach. ITN and ODYSSEY will be on hand to provide you with the very best personalized service from the time that you arrive in the United States until your departure from the United States upon completion of your program.

Description of the Location:
Especially known for its white-water rafting, Lansing is filled with both light adventure and adrenaline-filled fun. Now, add in the fact that, during autumn, the colors are spectacular and the scenery gorgeous and you’ve got yourself a winning combination to visit. From breathtaking views to adventure, both on the ground and above, there are a lot of activities to do in Lansing, especially during fall season.
  • Posizioni disponibili: 10
  • $10- $14.00/hour
  • Accommodation is provided by the host company at an additional cost.
  • Dipartimento: F&B Cucina Pasticceria

Su di te

• Must be a current student of a Hospitality or Culinary post-secondary academic institution.
• Or recent graduate (less than 12 months ago) of a Hospitality or Culinary post-secondary academic institution.
• Or a graduate of a Hospitality or Culinary post-secondary academic institution (more than 12 months ago,) with 12 months of verifiable related work experience.
• Or must have 5 years of verifiable related work experience.
  • Lingua richiesta: Inglese.


The International Trainee Network (ITN) is a cultural exchange organization based in Los Angeles, California with almost 20 years of experience working with the J-1 Visa Exchange Program.

ITN is currently the largest provider of J-1 luxury hospitality programs in the United States thanks to our network of 6 international ITN offices, 40 international partner universities and over 200 partner hotels.

Our mission is to provide culturally immersive experiences and world-class hospitality training to students and young professionals from around the world. Enrolling in an international exchange program is the beginning of a journey that can impact your life both professionally and personally.

We invite you to begin your journey with us!

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Luxury Culinary Internship in West Virginia

Lansing, WV, Stati Uniti

Stage, 6 mesi

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