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Funding Expert - public fundings




Funding Expert - public fundings

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Funding Expert - public fundings

The EFG (External Funding Group) is seeking a Funding expert position. The position will formally be attached to LEG-IDR-IVE,  but will interact with the EFG management team as entry point for the EFG. Your task will be both for internal and external purpose: 

Internally, interacting with the BUs and entities to identify projects that can benefit from funding, to set up ad-hoc project group to support submission for the calls for tender and to ensure operational support. 

Externally together with the management team to deal with financial institutions, public stakeholders (EU Commission, Ministries and Administrations of EU member states). 

As a funding expert you may also be tasked to organize work together with the EFG project managers and to drive expert consultants. Some routine tasks will also constitute the day-to-day activities such as maintaining the EFG roadmap and ensuring full support to the management team. 

Job Duties 

Typically you will have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include: 

  • Screening potential investments to ensure that they meet the organization’s goals 

  • Interacting with internal R&D departments to identify projects and to propose alignment with identified calls for tender 

  • Working with internal departments such as finance, corporate strategy or legal to ensure that all necessary documentation and clearance is in place as a prerequisite for a funding scheme 

  • Ensure information sharing between EFG members and with appropriate internal stakeholders 

  • Act as a knowledge keeper 

Job Requirements 

A number of qualifications are necessary to become a funding manager, which may include: 

Education: preferably a degree in finance, accounting or business administration. Technical education can also match the requirements if business acumen 


Funding managers need the following skills in order to be successful: 

At least 8-10 years of professional experience.

Financial skills: A good understanding of financial concepts and practices is necessary as the relationship with internal finance department (commercial finance, accounting and controlling) is key for the success of the mission. Good understanding of financial challenges can help you make informed decisions in order help to secure funding for projects. 

Project management: Project management skills can be useful for position as you can be responsible for overseeing some part or even the entire process of securing funding for a project.. 

Communication / network management: Communication is another skill that can be useful for a funding expert. You may need to communicate with investors, other company representatives and other stakeholders about the status of a project or the progress of a funding request. You will also use communication skills to present internally information about a project to directors or senior VP or other stakeholders. 

Business & tech acumen: A funding expert needs business acumen to understand the financial aspects of a project. As the focus will be on technical projects, technical experience is a plus and technical acumen is necessary. 

Work Environment 

EFG will provide a dynamic and enriching environment, in a team of 5 persons. Thanks to all the various activities EFG will support, you will be exposed to plenty of diverse projects within the company and you will have the opportunity to discover even more the R&D projects of the company. 

What we can offer you

  • Be part of a multicultural team of 16,000+ professionals
  • Opportunity to work for one of the world's top leading travel tech companies; a company that originated in technology and sees the world with a technology-first perspective 
  • Add your voice to our diverse mix for better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone
  • Be able to challenge yourself to find solutions to complex problems
  • Work on a hybrid model: teleworking and working from our premises

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Diversity & Inclusion

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and seek to hire the best candidate regardless of age, beliefs, disability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.


Funding Expert - public fundings

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