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Signature Bar at D.C. boutique hotel is seeking a dedicated person!

Hotel Zena Washington DC


Signature Bar at D.C. boutique hotel is seeking a dedicated person!

Descrizione del lavoro

Exciting new opportunity at Viceroy's hip new retreat in DC. Are you passionate about Food and Beverage and do you want to learn something new? Then apply today to this great city DC hotel location to get started!

Rate of pay:

Host and Supervisor $16.00. Server $12.00 plus gratuity 

It is customary in the US to work in “gratuity” positions. In these positions, you will receive a base hourly salary plus gratuity (tips). While the amount of a gratuity is ultimately at the discretion of the guest, the customary tip is 15-20% of the total bill before tax. Based on history, you may expect to earn around $20+ per hour”.

A uniform is provided.  There is an employee break room for you to bring our own meals in. A staff meal is not offered.   

You will accrue personal time off after 90 days.

You will need to fly into DCA upon your arrival. The hotel will offer up to 14 days of complimentary housing to cover room and tax. All other expenses are on your own. Transportation to the hotel is your own reasonability. 



Tipo di lavoro
Graduate program
Maryland, United States
Sommelier, Evento, F&B altro, Apprendista direttore, Catering, Cameriere
Comincia tra
aprile 2022
Durata del contratto
A tempo indeterminato

HRC International

HRC international is an international training and career development company for the hospitality industry that has been providing qualified Rooms Division, Food and Beverage and Culinary talents at full service hotels since 1995.

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