F&B Supervisor (M/F)

Cosa comprende il lavoro

Located in one of the most trendy and upcoming neighbourhoods of Lisbon, the 5 star boutique hotel with 41 bedrooms, is the most recent project of memmo unforgettable hotels. The mix of contemporary and classic styles combine with the cosmopolitan ambience of tranquility and impeccable service.

Your mission

Ensure welcoming and room service to our clients.
Manage and coordinate the team, always by their side daily.
You ensure that all operations are carried out, always maintaining a proactive and memorable attitude.
You take an active part in building customer loyalty and work closely with our kitchen.

Su di te

What we are looking for

Sense of responsibility, organization, and autonomy.
Taste for teamwork, dynamism, and proactivity
Customer orientation and service excellence.
Mastery of English, but other language skills are valued.
Previous experience in the position or similar.
  • Lingue richieste: Portoghese e Inglese.


Memmo Unforgettable Hotels was created with the purpose of differentiating their performance in the market, seeking to assert each of their units as important instruments for the promotion, improvement and stimulation of its surroundings, providing customers with a true and authentic experience of their location.

More than a place to sleep, memmo units seek to provide true emotions, making the hotel stay a vital part of the whole travel experience, that is intended to be unforgettable.

The brand is based on the name memmo (memory) and the symbol of the chameleon. Only those who travel have stories to tell! The goal is that, upon leaving, guests take in their minds the sounds, the flavors, the smells and images of a unique location. The chameleon reflects a willingness to adapt to where each hotel is located. Absorbing what the best it has to offer.

“We are not in the sleeping industry anymore, but in the dreaming industry”- Rodrigo Machaz in Made by Originals movie by Design HotelsTM



MEMMO PRÍNCIPE REAL (Príncipe Real, Lisbon)

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F&B Supervisor (M/F)

Lisbon, Portogallo

A tempo completo, A tempo indeterminato

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